What kinds of enterprises does reward management apply to?

  • Enterprises that have to declare taxes in more than one places
    (Branch companies’ and subsidiaries’ individual income tax management)

  • Enterprises whose reward management system is
    not well established

  • Enterprises good at HR outsourcing operations
    (Foreign-funded enterprises, BTA startups)

  • Enterprises requiring a high level
    of confidentiality of their reward system

  • Enterprises without complete HR and financial functions
    (Startup Enterprises)

  • Payroll accounting

  • Employee information management

  • Social insurance and welfare management

  • Individual income tax management

  • Electronic payroll checks management

  • Electronic payroll service


50bm.com Reward Management Independent Operations by Enterprise HRs
1Localized individual income tax payment allows for tax declaration in multiple places simultaneously. 1Can’t declare taxes on their own for employees who are not working in the same place.
2One-to-one consulting service provides real-time, worry-free reminders. 2Have difficulty with information query, modification, and transfer in respect of employees’ pays.
3One-stop free bank card issuing, salary calculation and distribution, and tax declaration provides convenient service experience. 3Have to deal with redundant, time-consuming reports, statements and formulas which will easily have errors.
4Cloud management model brings management convenience in a regulated and information-based manner. 4Have to deal with a great deal of information which will easily become omitted during work handover.

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