Benefits of Buying Social Insurances

  • Endowment Insurance

    At least 15 years of contributions, cumulatively, will entitle the contributor to an old-age pension when he/she becomes retired, providing a basic guarantee for life in retirement.

  • Medical Insurance

    Medical expenses incurred by a Medicare Card holder in emergency treatment, medicine shopping, or hospitalization will be properly reimbursed according to the provisions of local medical insurance policies, alleviating the holder’s financial pressure when he/she’s seeking medical advice. Cumulative contributions for a certain period of time will entitle the holder to a lifetime medical insurance after they become retired.

  • Unemployment Insurance

    Continual contributions of premiums for a period equal to or more than one year will entitle the contributor to a sum of unemployment allowance if he/she becomes unemployed due to resignation or expiration of the employment contract, providing a basic guarantee for life in unemployment.

  • Industrial Injury Insurance

    With this insurance, medical expenses incurred due to an industrial injury will be properly reimbursed.

  • Maternity Insurance

    The insurance buyer will be entitled to reimbursement of reproductive costs and a maternity allowance provided that she pays the contributions continually for a period equal to or beyond the length of time specified in local medical insurance policy and delivers babies in times consistent with the provisions of the family planning policy.

  • Housing Fund

    Continual contributions of housing fund for a period equal to or more than one year will entitle the contributor to apply for a housing-fund-based housing loan at an interest rate much lower than that of commercial loans or to use the cumulative housing fund to pay the house rent or property management fee.

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