Business Process Outsourcing

Reduce personnel management costs, reduce the risk of enterprise employment

Production Line Outsourcing

The outsourcing of labor services for the whole production line or some of the same positions, by professional outsourcing service providers, provides enterprises with self-recruiting, staffing and performance management, staff relationship management and logistics services, staff training and development, daily management of production lines, etc.

Service Process

Service Advantages

  • 01/
    Standard Management, improve the work efficiency

    On the one hand, we organize personnel to produce according to demand, on the other hand, we provide relevant policy advice and rationalization suggestions to the enterprise, which can effectively avoid the risk of employment of the enterprise.

  • 02/
    Low cost, increase enterprise revenue

    Help enterprise save a lot of office expenses, reduce the expenditure of software and hardware resources, avoid a lot of mechanical repetitive work in personnel management, and make managers put in other management activities that can add value to the enterprise.

  • 03/
    Comprehensive Service to improve the enthusiasm of the staff

    The company can handle all personnel agency procedures, eliminating the worries of employees, making them wholeheartedly devoted to work, with a stronger sense of responsibility and more enthusiasm.



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