Flexible Employment Services

Reduce Cost Improve Efficiency

Flexible Employment Services

Flexible labor service is based on the customer's production or labor needs, rent them suitable person. Labor costs are settled by hour, day or month.Customer determines the number of demands and the duration of employment based on project or needs. BangMang Group provides diversified talents for customers' seasonal projects, short-term projects and temporary projects, and provides customers with solutions for temporary needs of workers.

Service Contents

  • Project Outsourcing

    Staffing requirements for temporary projects

  • Platform crowdsourcing

    One-stop service of big data and intelligent technology

  • Part-time Service

    Part-time demand for high-end experts and students

  • Position Outsourcing

    Outsourcing auxiliary positions to increase flexibility

Service Advantages

  • 01/
    High Flexibility in Employment

    Break through restrictions to meet the needs of labor due to project, seasonal business needs, production peaks and valleys.

  • 02/
    Improve Operational Efficiency

    Help enterprises to quickly acquire, select, hire and manage talents, reduce the management burden of human resources departments, and make enterprises more focused on managing core business.

  • 03/
    Save Labor Costs

    According to the labor needs of enterprises, we can make flexible arrangement of people, reduce staff redundancy, reduce the high turnover rate of non-core positions and staff replacement costs.



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