• Sign labor/employment contract

  • Responsible for social insurance management, employee welfare assurance, and income tax administration

  • Deal with personnel file management, employment/contract termination procedures, professional title appraisal, and collective residence management;Issue all kinds of personnel certificates, including the Certificate of Employment and Certificate of Residence;Introduce talents;Organize employee activities.

  • Provide advice on labor laws, act as litigator in labor dispute cases, validate various employment contracts and normative documents, provide trainings on labor laws and regulation, and mediate labor disputes

  • Provide all kinds of training information, employee career planning, and vocational skill appraisal

  • Provide outsourcing services regarding HR software, job search website, and payroll survey

Service Advantages

Free employers from burdensome personnel procedures and cut down their management costs significantly; As the labor relationship is established not directly between the employer and the employee, labor dispute can be avoided and the risk is therefore transferred.
As the employer doesn’t recruit employees itself, it is no longer bothered by the staffing problem. Flexible labor relationship meets the employer’s need for flexible employment.

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