Service Process
Accounting Advisory Services
Bookkeeping Services
Training of Financial and Accounting Staff
  • Provide advice on policies to promote healthy development of the economy. Our F&A staff have a wealth of both theoretical knowledge and practical experience and are acquainted with tax, financial, accounting, industrial and commercial laws and regulations, helping clients carry out economic activities in a way that is healthy, orderly and compliant with laws.
  • Provide advice on businesses to promote economic benefits
  • Provide advice on information to improve the enterprise’s competiveness in the market
  • Tax declaration;
  • Act as perennial tax and accounting consultants and provide accounting and tax advice;
  • Act as agent to set up accounts and keep books, design corporate financial system, and provide financial statements analysis for enterprises;
  • Tax reduction, tax rebate, and tax exemption;
  • Deal with all procedures in connection with property loss identification, application, and approval;
  • Tax planning;
  • Train financial staff on tax and accounting knowledge;
  • Assist enterprises to reorganize, reconstruct, and design enterprise management system;
  • Provide online tax and finance advisory services;
  • Provide online tax declaration services;
Declare tax. Set up accounts. Keep books. Straight out accounts. When you finish corporation registration, the first thought that comes to your mind might be who to do the accounting. You may prefer your close friend or someone you trust, but have you ever considered whether this person could avoid legal risks and assume legal obligations for you? Can he/she help you deal with law enforcement’s audits and checks? We are an intermediary established under government approval and have a strong lineup comprising certified public accountants, certified tax accountants, and assistant accountants who are able to use new techniques, including computers or online bookkeeping, to serve customers. In keeping confidential your trade secretes and known-hows, we can help you save time and save money through financial operations, give full play to national policies, gain access to legal protections, avoid financial risks, and deal with inspections and checks launched by law enforcement.
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